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Let’s face it—as educators, we are time poor and exhausted. Often, we are looking for quick wisdom for the next passing period, a potential new look into helping that one student we just didn’t reach yesterday, and a few tools to freshen up our knowledge. We don’t have the time for teacher conferences, the frustration that comes the day after the subs, or the challenge of taking in massive amounts of information in two days. We need something digestible and teacher-friendly. Plus, we all get the feeling that the people that present new information have no clue or don’t remember the actual work of being a teacher. We need the five-hour energy drink of knowledge and skill. This book is written for you: the busy teacher.


This book explores the doable steps busy teachers can take in the bustling classroom or zoom room to make a difference, including creating routines that ensure students are: 


- Clear on expectations of learning 

- Giving, receiving, and using accurate feedback 

- Engaging in rigorous reading, writing and talking tasks 

- Taking ownership over their own learning

- Benefiting from strategies designed from teacher team discussions. 


Written from a practitioner’s perspective, this book offers clear and doable strategies, a breadth of activities for k-12 educators, and clear examples to make differentiation doable and a true reality for busy teachers everywhere.

The Busy Teacher

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