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What's Our Response? Creating Systems and Structures to Support ALL Learners

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What's Our Response - Creating Systems and Structures to Support ALL Learners

Julie Wright (Author), Mary Howard (Forward)

In education time is never on our side. Too much time is being spent in meetings to discuss students’ deficits and not enough time harnessing their assets. Students come to school each day with individual and collective wants and needs, and it’s our job to harness who and where they are. The RtI process doesn’t have to be a machine model approach with an over-reliance on short sided skill and drill; it can be a dynamic, flexible, in-the-moment response focused on good instruction. This book explores how to keep students at the center of decision-making so that the focus is fidelity to our students instead of fidelity to content, curriculum or program by addressing 5 Problems of Practice with RtI which include:

  • We need to break out of the RtI box.

  • We need to honor and increase teacher autonomy and agency.

  • We need child study teams focused on students’ assets.

  • We need to increase students’ thinking and doing time.

  • We need good instruction because that makes the best interventions.


This book will provide dozens of ready-to-use, solution-oriented tools to create asset-based systems and structures so that you are better positioned to create an instructional response that will support all students’ growth.

About the Author

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Julie Wright is a teacher, instructional coach, and educational consultant with more than 25 years of experience in rural, suburban, and urban education settings. She co-authored What Are You Grouping For? How to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers—Not the Book (Wright & Hoonan, 2019). Julie is best known for helping schools build capacity by matching their pedagogical beliefs to best practices. She holds National Board Certification as well as a Bachelor of Science in education, a Master of Arts in language arts and reading, K-12 reading endorsement, and a pre-K through grade 9 principal license from Ohio State University. In her free time, Julie loves walking, hanging out with family and friends, spending time in her garden, and she is a wannabe beekeeper. For more information about Julie, visit her website at

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