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A Repair Kit for Grading

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A Repair Kit for Grading

Ken O'Connor (Author), Rick Wormeli (Foreword)

Communicating about student achievement requires CALM grades- grades that are consistent, accurate, learning-focused and meaningful. To meet these four conditions, educators need to ask several essential questions. To what extent am I confident that students in my school/district receive grades that are consistent, accurate, learning-focused and meaningful? 2. To what extent am I confident that the grades I determine for my students accurately reflect my school/district's published learning goals and performance standards? 3. To what extent am I confident that what I do in grading is aligned with and contributes to my school/district's mission, vision and goals? These questions are answered thoroughly and in-depth in this 3rd edition of 15 Fixes for Broken Grades and the Discussion and Repair Guide.

About the Author


Ken O'Connor has been an independent consultant on assessment and evaluation from 1996 to present. He has been a staff development presenter and facilitator on assessment, grading and reporting in 33 states and 7 provinces and 5 countries outside North America. His teaching career included experience as a geography teacher and department head at L'Amoreaux C.I. and Maplewood High School in Scarborough, Ontario, and teaching at four schools in Toronto and Melbourne, Australia (Grade 7 - 12). Ken was a Curriculum Coordinator responsible for Student Assessment and Evaluation for the Scarborough Board of Education and then the Toronto District School Board. He has also worked as a consultant on Secondary Assessment at the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

Ken is the author of The School Leader's Guide to Grading and a contributor of Ahead of the Curve.

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