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The Limitless Classroom

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The Limitless Classroom

James Goldberg (Author),
Julie Wright (Author)

Welcome to the Limitless Classroom!


Maybe you are here because you, too, believe the classroom is a place where students can reach all kinds of potential, maximizing their knowing and doing around skills, strategies, concepts, topics, and ideas, both big and small.


Maybe you teach the whole child, working to ignite the passions inside each learner.  Or, maybe, you saw the title and felt that twitch of skepticism and questioned, “In today’s school culture, is there really a limitless classroom?” 

This book is for every educator—teachers, specialists, instructional coaches, principals, curriculum directors, superintendents, and more.  No matter if you teach pre-k or grade 12 AP Biology, these mantras are for you.

Mantras you ask? What are they? Mantras are words and actions that we live by.  They create soothing, joyful feelings that bring about balance and calm to our lives and our classrooms. 

In this book we dig into what we think are three critical mantras for all educators: 

1. Kids Deserve More Time to Think and Do
2. Kids Deserve The "Why" and The "How," Not Just the "What" 
3. Kids Deserve to Own Their Learning Journey

Together we will go on a journey discovering how each one of these mantras can set us free from the confines of traditional teaching and create a truly Limitless Classroom where students are able to achieve their fullest potential. 

So get ready to create opportunities for students to engage in long-sighted learning, putting into action the difference between instruction that scratches the surface and instruction that serves long-term meaning making. Get ready to use your head, heart and gut to make instructional designs that meet and exceed students’ individual and collective needs.  And get ready to bolster learning opportunities that maximize student growth and create a Limitless Classroom.

About the Authors

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James Goldberg is a career math teacher. His work in public, charter and independent schools is focused on providing meaningful opportunities for students to discover, discuss, and create mathematics. His classroom, whether in person or online, is a community where all students feel empowered and excited about learning. What’s inspiring James right now, is harnessing the power of technology for students to connect with math in a way that’s relevant to them. James enjoys playing golf and his guitar when he’s not chasing around his kids.

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Julie Wright is a traveling teacher, instructional coach, educational consultant, author, and a short texts-of-all-types enthusiast. Whether working alongside students, teachers, or administrators, Julie believes in bringing out the best in the work by using asset-based approaches. As an educator for over 25 years, Julie has worked in rural, urban, and suburban settings. She is the co-author of What Are You Grouping For?, Grades 3-8: How to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers -- Not the Book and author of What’s Our Response? Creating Systems and Structures to Support ALL Learners and Side-by-Side Instructional Coaching: 10 Asset-Based Habits that Spark Collaboration, Risk-Taking, and Growth. In her free time, Julie enjoys hiking with her family, tinkering in her garden, and is a wanna-be beekeeper.

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