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The FIRST Educational Resources Conferences, Workshops, and Webinars are designed with the needs of educators and leaders in mind. Our presenters represent some of the premier thought leaders in education today.

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Unpacking, Understanding and Using Effective Feedback After COVID

June 9, 16, 23, 2021

Explore the topic of feedback with Myron Dueck and learn how we can make it meaningful, effective and manageable

Strategies and Tasks for Promoting Productive Struggle  in your Mathematics Classroom

June 17 and 22

Understanding the importance of productive struggle creates a classroom environment in which risk-taking is encouraged and celebrated. During this series, you will learn strategies and tasks that will inspire thinking and discourse, leading to a higher level of conceptual understanding.

The Relationship Reset

July 30, 2021

Understand the importance of intentionally creating relationship routines and rituals that forge relationships with and between students and leave with a Classroom Relationship Plan that will serve as a blueprint for relational success to be used throughout the school year.

Collective Efficacy Institute

June 23-24, 2021

The Collective Teacher Efficacy Institute is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of how to foster a sense of efficacy in schools and classrooms. If you are interested in finding out how to make collective efficacy a reality in your school, join us!

Learner FIRST Virtual Summit

July 20-21, 2021

T he Learner FIRST Virtual Summit has been designed to inspire educators and leaders as they prepare for the new school year ahead. 

Social Emotional Success Planning

 July 23

Understand how to not only implement social emotional learning throughout the school day but seamlessly embed it throughout the curriculum as well. Leave with a 12-month Social Emotional Success Plan, encompassing tools and techniques to increase student social, emotional and academic skills that support their individual needs.

Math Workshop: Laying the Groundwork for Differentiation in your Math Classroom

August 3, 9,10 , 2021

Learn how math workshop, a flexible instructional format, allows teachers to meet the diverse needs of students in their classroom.

The Framework for Student Centered Coaching

August 5, 2021

Learn what Student- Centered Coaching looks like in practice and how impact on teaching and learning is measured. Walk away from this session with a plan for making instructional coaching student-centered and outcomes-based.

Small Groups, Big Results - Reimagining Literacy Groupings

August 5, August 12, August 19, September 23, September 30, and October 14

In this 6-part series, we’ll work to redefine and refine small, flexible reading groups.  We’ll name common challenges and uncover do-it-tomorrow solutions and explore ways to curate texts that are going to get kids jazzed up about reading, both in small groups and independently.

Leading Collective Efficacy: Powerful Stories of Achievement and Equity (Book Study)

August 10 and 17 2021

Join authors Stef Hite and Jenni Donohoo to learn how teams in schools across North America addressed inequities and realized improved student achievement.

Equity Minded Coaching for Systems Change

August 12, September 9, and October 14, 2021

What might it mean to go beyond using an “equity lens” and operate from a permanent position of equity-mindedness? In this series, participants will interrogate their beliefs, learn key organizational considerations to address inequities, and analyze strategies needed to support an effective coaching culture.

Engaging Literacy for the Big Kids (Grades 4-12)

August 17, 18, and 19, 2021

Looking to freshen up your literacy classroom and engage your students more than ever? Join Dr. Katie McKnight for this 4-part series where she will provide tools and strategies for your best year of teaching yet!

The Instructional Coaching Toolkit Series - Strategies for Successful Coaching 

2021-2022 School Year Dates 

Whether you are new to coaching or looking to expand your coaching resources, this ongoing series will provide you with new tools and opportunities to practice them.

Tools for Math Small Group Instruction

October 4, 6, 11, 13, 25, 27, 2021

Join our experts to learn practical small group instructional tools and activities that teachers can use instantly in their classroom to leverage student success and conceptual understanding of various mathematical concepts.

Recorded Sessions


S.T.A.G.R. Conference

Event has concluded, but access to recorded sessions is still available.

Join colleagues and schools from around the world at the S.T.A.G.R. Virtual Conference. The Conference that focuses on all things related to Standards, Targets, Assessment, Grading & Reporting.

COVID Recovery Conference

Event has concluded but access to recorded sessions is still available.

Even though many schools have returned to in-person learning (and others are still hoping to return this year), the realities they are experiencing the long-term effects on their students is becoming more evident by the day. The obstacles we face as a profession are significant, so it’s time we help educators move from survival mode to planning for observable impact.

Content Matters

Event has concluded but recorded access to the sessions is still available.

Are you ready to learn about effective literacy instruction that can provide pathways for learning about content? As passionate teachers who love our disciplines AND our students we will address the question:

“How can I share my passion and love for my discipline while developing the literacy skills that my students need to understand it?"

Reigniting a Passion for Literacy

Event has concluded but access to recorded sessions is still available.

During this two day conference, educators will rediscover the joy of teaching the lifelong skills of reading and writing to students.Join us for this unique two-day event and be prepared to leave with energy and a plan for starting the next school year off right!