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Learner FIRST Math Summit

The virtual summit for all things mathematics!

April 27, 2022


April 27, 2022

Video Access Available Until June 30, 2022


9:30 am - 3:00 pm Central Time


Sessions take place on Zoom.


$299 per person

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Join us for this exciting one-day summit and be prepared to walk away inspired, energized to engage and challenge your students to become numerate learners!

As educators, we strive to help our students meet their maximum potential for learning in mathematics and create lifelong numerate learners who have the ability to work flexibly with strategies, think critically and possess resilience in order to persevere through problem solving tasks. During the one-day Learner FIRST Virtual  Math Summit, educators will be able to engage with thought-leaders and practitioners to gain new ideas and perspectives, gather tons of tools and resources to develop numeracy and maximize mathematical potential in our learners. 

Keynote Speakers

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Productive Math Struggle

With John SanGiovanni

The struggle is real. But productive struggle is much more than a catchphrase. It is about action we can take so that our students struggle, persevere, and succeed. This session examines that action through the lens of value, identity, community, planning, support, and celebration. It is about how we empower students to embrace productive struggle to build essential skills for learning and living—both inside and outside the classroom.

Pre-Recorded Keynote

Building Fact Fluency

With Graham Fletcher

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In this prerecorded session, Graham Fletcher will introduce you to his brand new Building Fact Fluency Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division and the importance of conceptually building fact fluency in students.

Breakout Presenters

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Jackie Amato


Shelly Daun

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Amanda Ironside

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Greg Kehring

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Cyndie Lowe


Becky Peppler


Greg Wolcott