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Are you looking to gain confidence in your math skills and implement best practices that provide equitable opportunities for all learners?

Come learn with us!

Current Workshops

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We offer workshops for teachers, leaders, and staff throughout the school year. Click here to view our current offerings.

Onsite and Virtual Coaching for Teachers and Leaders

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​Our team can provide onsite coaching designed to help guide teams through the change process. Coaches are experienced facilitators and have guided teachers and leaders in schools for many years. Our math team will work side-by-side with your team and/or leaders to collaborate, build teacher capacity, and help ensure real sustainable change. Contact us to get started!

Resource Adoption and Implementatio

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We can assist your school and/or district in evaluating your current math data and resources and we can guide your team through the process of selecting and implementing a new resource. Our team will assist your school and/or district in evaluating your current math data and resources and then help you to develop a resource adoption plan which includes evaluating resource materials based on math standards and best practices in instruction. Contact us to get started!

Math Instructional Audit and Action Planning

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Collaboratively, we work with you to analyze your math data and your current instructional practices using an audit process. With support from our team, clearly defined actions and outcomes for staff, students, and leaders will be developed to put you on a path toward meeting your goals. Click here to learn more.

Customized Professional Learning Workshops

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We can partner with your organization in offering cost-affordable and customized workshops, institutes and/or webinars in which your staff can not only learn best practices in math instruction, but also apply what they are learning to their own context.  Our sessions are designed to move you toward excellence in math instruction and leadership at all levels in your organization. Click here to see a listing of our most popular sessions. Contact Us to talk about your professional learning needs!

Free Resources

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Click here to access free math games that can be played with a deck of cards! 

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The FIRST Education Math Center was developed to support educators in their implementation of high quality and high impact math instruction in order to meet the needs of today’s math learners.  Math instruction has changed from traditional more procedural knowledge to requiring students to construct viable arguments, solve problems using multiple strategies and collaborate with each other which require a conceptual understanding of mathematics today.  This is a vast pedagogical shift from how most teachers were taught to teach math.  Our entire team of math consultants are currently in roles just like yours.  We understand the challenges schools face today in educating our math learners.  We have a proven track record of success in implementing high quality curriculum and instruction, coaching and achieving desirable student outcomes.  We will work to develop and strengthen your math pedagogy by listening, collaboration, and working alongside you and your team to create a high quality, high impact math environment by providing practical and meaningful support to your teachers and leaders to bring about real sustainable change.


The FIRST Education Math Center provides training, coaching, resources and support to leaders and teachers so that math instruction is systemically aligned and intentionally designed in order to improve student learning for ALL students.


The FIRST Education Math Center will develop teachers and leaders to have confidence in their math skills and implement math best practices to provide opportunity for all students to experience high levels of growth and achievement.

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Our Team


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Cynthia Lowe

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