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Schools across the country have spent significant amounts of time, energy and resources on reviewing standards and trying to figure out what they want kids to learn. And for the most part, they have done a nice job of this. Yet, many schools still struggle to figure out the best ways to assess if kids are actually learning and have kept very traditional and inaccurate ways of communicating student achievement to students and families. The STAGR Center was created to help schools through this challenge. Based on a practical and proven process, the STAGR Center can help schools increase student achievement, reliability in assessment and accuracy in communication. Contact us today to learn how we can support your school or district on all things pertaining to assessment and grading.


The FIRST Education STAGR Center provides equitable training, resources and support to school districts, leaders and teachers pertaining to all things related to Standards, Targets, Assessment, Grading and Reporting.


The FIRST Education STAGR Center will develop teachers and leaders who have a comprehensive understanding of how Standards, Targets, Assessment, Grading and Reporting all work together to ensure ALL students experience high levels of equitable learning.


Institutes and Workshops

We can partner with your organization in offering cost-affordable and customized half-day, full-day or longer-term institutes and/or webinars in which your schools can not only learn about standards, targets, assessment, grading and reporting topics aligned to your goals, but also apply what they are learning to their own context. The content is designed to move you toward effective and authentic assessment and grading practices at all levels in your organization (e.g. system leaders, school leaders, and/or classroom educators).

STAGR Long-Term Support:
On-Site and Virtual Coaching

Our coaching program is designed to help guide teams through changes in assessment and grading within your schools.  One or more of our expert coaches will work side-by-side and/or virtually with your team and/or leaders to help ensure success


We can provide keynotes designed to address different audiences (administrators, teachers, and/or support staff) and we can work with you to customize messages to suit your purpose and needs. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large conference you are organizing, we can help by delivering key messages about assessment and grading that will motivate the audience to take action and move toward equitable assessment and grading practices.


In order to best support your team in meeting your grading, reporting, and assessment goals, each step in our audit process is guided by the unique needs of your school or district. Allow us to analyze your progress and collaboratively determine your next steps.

Our Team


Becky Peppler,
STAGR Center Director

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Myron Dueck

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Dennis Griffin, Jr.


Thomas Guskey

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Victoria Hansen

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Garnet Hillman


Garth Larson


Danica Lewis

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Jay McTighe


Ken O'Connor


Don Smith

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Matt Townsley

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Kara Vandas

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Diane Wolf

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Rick Wormeli

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Eric Youngman

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