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Our Books

FIRST Education Publishing focuses on practical publications designed to help educators improve all aspects of teaching, learning and leading. Please click on the books below to learn more about each book.

Cale Birk and Garth Larson

PL2_0 Toolkit_Front Cover.jpg

PLC 2.0 - Collaborating for Observable Impact in Today's Schools

Will Dwyer and Chuck Hiscock

RAHS Book Cover_Front.jpg

Rethinking The American High School - Finding your Focus and Using Your Strengths

Katie Budrow and Garnet Hillman

FER MBCM Front Cover.jpg

Moving Beyond Classroom Management - Leading a Culture of Learning

James Goldberg and
Julie Wright

TLC cover.png

The Limitless Classroom

Garth Larson, Ken O'Connor, Becky Peppler


STAGR Process Roadmap

Laminated Guide

Danica Lewis

Coaching Cycle Tri-Fold.png

Learning- and Growth-Focused Coaching Cycles

Laminated Guide

Danica Lewis and Don Smith

Block Scheduling Tri-Fold.png

Leveraging the Block Schedule for Student Learning Growth - Laminated Guide

Michael McDowell

TBT Cover.png

The Busy Teacher - Differentiation for Every Classroom

Michael McDowell and Cale Birk

Drift Book Cover Opt_9.png

Navigating Leadership Drift - Observable Impact on Rigorous Learning

Ken O'Connor

RepairKit Book Cover_Front.jpg

A Repair Kit for Grading

Todd Stanley

_HTH book cover.jpg

How the Hell Do We Motivate These Kids?

Greg Wolcott

Sig72 Book Cover (1).jpg

Significant 72: Unleashing the Power of Relationships in Today's Schools

Julie Wright


What's Our Response? Creating Systems and Structures to Support Students

Jennifer C. Townsend

FINAL ThinkDifferently_FrontCover.jpg

Think Differently: An Educator’s Approach to Appreciate What Works

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