Our Services

FIRST Educational Resources offers services that are fully customizable to meet the needs of your team, your school, or your district. 

Learner FIRST Centers

FIRST Educational Resources has created 9 comprehensive Learning Centers designed to meet the needs of ALL schools we work with. To learn about any of our Learner FIRST Center, please click on the links provided. 

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Learner FIRST STAGR Center 

Looking to update your current assessment and grading practices? Our team provides workshops, institutes, keynotes and coaching customized to meet your needs.

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Learner FIRST Center for Civil Rights in Education

The Learner FIRST Center for Civil Rights in Education was created to help educators, school districts and communities build a shared commitment to creating equitable opportunities and taking collective action to eliminate barriers to success.

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Jenni Donohoo Center for Collective Efficacy

Wondering how to best leverage your collaborative teams to impact student learning? Jenni Donohoo and her team are at the forefront of this work. Bring the experts to your school or district!


Learner FIRST Center for Literacy and Coaching

Focused on literacy and instructional coaching, with years of practical experience, our team is excited to learn more about your school's goals and to custom design a path that gets you there!

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Learner FIRST Mathematics Center 

Wondering how you can implement high quality, high impact mathematics instruction in your school or district? Let our team guide you!

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Learner FIRST Center for Observable Impact

If you are left wondering, "What is the OBSERVABLE impact of our PLC time and professional learning?" you are not alone! Our team will guide you through the work of measuring your impact. 

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Learner FIRST Publishing and Curriculum Center

Workshops, institutes, long-range planning, and virtual or onsite coaching custom designed to move student learning forward in your school or district.

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Learner FIRST Center for Science and Agriculture 

The instruction of Science and Agriculture has changed as we prepare our students for college and career. Our team of practitioners will work with you to reimagine instruction in Science and Agriculture.

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Learner FIRST Center for Social Emotional Learning

More than ever, we, as educators, must teach to the whole child. Our team uses an asset-based approach to meeting the social emotional learning of students. Interested in improving your SEL toolkit? Contact us to learn how.

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Learner FIRST Data Center

Educators have more data available to them today than ever before, which can be paralyzing and add stress to an already stressful job.  Our team is skilled in digging into data, finding meaning in the chaos, and making it actionable for educators.

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