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On a quest to improve literacy instruction in your classroom, school, or district?

We're here to help!

Current Workshops

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We offer workshops for teachers, leaders, and staff throughout the school year. Click here to view our current offerings.

Onsite and Virtual Coaching for Teachers and Leaders

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​Coaching for leaders and teachers is critical. When leaders and teachers work with a coach, they are able to refine their practices and try-out new learning. The impact that coaching has on any change is significant! our team includes trained coaches who are skilled at supporting teachers and leaders in setting short-term goals and designing coaching supports to assist in meeting those goals. We believe in coaching that is responsive to the needs of the school and educator. Contact us to get started!

Literacy Instructional Audit and Action Planning

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Understanding your current reality and setting goals to move your school or district forward is an important first step when planning for literacy success. Our literacy audit team will use a needs assessment process to conduct a deep dive into your data, teaching practices, and student learning. Click here to learn more.

Customized Professional Learning Workshops

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Our workshops, when planned and delivered for your school or district, are fully customizable. Some of our most popular topics include: 

Early Literacy Fundamentals, Phonics and Word Study: Foundations for Success, From Assessment to Instruction: Using Student Data to Drive Literacy Instruction,  Designing to the Edges: Universal Design for Learning, Small Group Instruction in the Secondary ELA Classroom, Engaging Literacy for the Big Kids. Contact Us to talk about your professional learning needs!

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The FIRST Education Literacy Center prides itself on providing relevant, timely professional learning and support to leaders, coaches, and teachers as they seek to provide the very best for their students. We believe that teaching students to read and write is a complex process and educators must be knowledgeable about all facets of literacy learning. Our team includes currently practicing teachers and coaches, along with experts in the field. We understand the challenges schools face today in educating our learners.  We have a proven track record of success in implementing high quality curriculum and instruction and achieving desirable student outcomes.  We will work to develop and strengthen your literacy programs by listening, collaboration, and working alongside you and your team to create a high quality, high impact environment by providing practical and meaningful support to your teachers and leaders to bring about real sustainable change.


The FIRST Education Literacy Center provides training, coaching, and resources to leaders, coaches, and teachers so that instruction in partner districts is systemically aligned and intentionally designed to meet the needs of all learners.


We will develop teachers, coaches, and leaders who have confidence in their skills, and who implement best practices, allowing all students to experience high levels of growth and to achieve at high levels

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Our Team

Danica Lewis

Danica Lewis,
Director for FIRST Education Literacy Center

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Renae Braun

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Katy Honish


Amy Lubben

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Nicole Mashock

Katie McKnight

Katie McKnight

Leah Mermelstein

Leah Mermelstein


Colleen Pennell

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Julie Wright

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