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The Enabling Conditions for Collective Teacher Efficacy Survey measures the antecedents of collective efficacy with the purpose of providing direction to school leaders and administrators regarding areas in which to focus improvement efforts.


The reports will provide school, district leaders, and teams with insights, based upon the perceptions of their staff, into the enabling conditions at the school, or schools, under their guidance. The evidence provided could be used to assist in planning necessary interventions to improve collective teacher efficacy and, ultimately, student learning outcomes. It is strongly advised that the insights and evidence gained from the EC-CTES should form the basis for identifying questions to feed into progressive inquiry amongst school leaders. This has the added benefit of improving collective leader efficacy.


Purchase includes:

  • Survey for one school site
  • 3 administration of the survey (Immediate, 9-12 months later, 18-24 months later)
  • Optional services: 1 Hour Webinar to review summary of survey, please contact us for more information.


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Enabling Conditions for Collective Teacher Efficacy Survey

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