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The Conference on Standards, Targets, Assessment, Grading, and Reporting (S.T.A.G.R.)

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The current COVID-19 crisis has put teachers, teachers assistants, administrators and school boards in an unprecedented position to figure out how to best support learning during times of uncertainty. The answer to the question posed is pretty straight forward: “we have no idea!” We “have no idea” because it’s impossible to know the future as things are changing globally on a daily basis. One area of concern that has become evidence as a result of COVID-19 learning is assessment, grading and reporting. The truths of inequities in practice are displayed in the news, on social media and in every household conversation occurring on a daily basis.


Join colleagues and schools from around the world at the S.T.A.G.R. Virtual Conference. The Conference that focuses on all things related to Standards, Targets, Assessment, Grading & Reporting. This two day professional learning conference has been designed to give educators access to resources, thought-leaders, practitioners and provide solutions to help improve their ability to analyze what is important for students to learn, the value in writing learning targets, information on writing high quality assessments and how to accurately and fairly grade and communicate learning as they prepare to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them by COVID-19.​

Keynote Presenters

Myron Dueck

"COVID or No COVID, It's Time We Rethink a Few Things"

In what seemed like an instant, the COVID pandemic resulted in our students and teachers stepping out of our schools for spring break, and stepping into completely uncharted waters – literally a new world. We will undoubtedly have learned a few things through this experience. Some of our epiphanies have involved innovative instructional, grading and assessment practices. What we’ve learned will undoubtedly shift our landscape to some extent when we do return to a ‘new normal’. Join this keynote for a positive and hopeful conversation around rethinking a few things before, during, and after a shake-up.

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Rick Wormeli

"Differentiated Assessment and Grading in a World of Standards and Accountability"

Differentiated instruction and assessment are nice ideas, but happens when it comes to grading students? And how about grading students during COVID-induced remote instruction?  Do we really believe what’s fair isn't always equal, and it's okay to do different things for different students as long as students achieve the identified proficiency? Join us for a candid look at the guiding principles of ethical and equitable assessment and grading when working with diverse students, recognizing the amplified urgency for such in our pandemic world.

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An Interview with Dr. Thomas Guskey

Conference participants will have access to a 1-on-1 recorded conversation between Dr. Thomas Guskey and Dr. Garth Larson. During this conversation, Dr. Guskey will share insights and strategies that participants will find invaluable as they work to improve their grading and assessment practices in today's schools.

Breakout Presenters


Shelly Daun

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Myron Dueck

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Dennis Griffin Jr.

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Victoria Hansen

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Tammy Heflebower

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Garnet Hillman

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Jeffrey Klein


Garth Larson


Danica Lewis

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Byron McClure

Jay McTighe

Ken O'Connor


Becky Peppler

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Matt Townsley

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Kara Vandas


Greg Wolcott

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Rick Wormeli

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Erik Youngman


Cale Birk

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