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Working Together
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Are you wondering how to get started with generative artificial intelligence

We can help with that!

Generative AI Readiness and Planning

District Generative AI Readiness Assessment

  • Our team will help you build a customized readiness assessment for the district cross-functional teams.

Develop a District AI Readiness Plan

  • Review assessment insights with district leadership to align an AI adoption plan with the overall goals and strategies of the school district.

Develop AI Policies

  • Develop AI policies that comply with existing district security and privacy policies.

Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders

Integrate AI into Your Curriculum

  • Discover practical ways to
    weave AI into your curriculum, boosting students’ critical thinking, problem- solving, and creativity.

Address Ethical Concerns

  • Not just about the ‘how’ We’ ll also tackle the ‘should’. Engage in robust discussions about the
    ethical implications of AI in
    education, from privacy
    concerns to bias and inclusivity.

Collaborate and Innovate

  • Join a community of forward- thinking educators, share ideas, and brainstorm new approaches to AI-based lesson plans and instructional strategies.

Our Process

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