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Want to bring science to life in your district?

We can help!

Hydroponic Classroom Growing

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Want to grow indoors but unsure where to start? We can help from start to finish by creating a hands-on experience for students that will teach students how to grow their own food all while incorporating foundational STEM concepts. 
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to get started!

Customized Professional Learning Workshops

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We offer affordable, customizable workshops, webinars, or institutes tailored to your district's goals and vision. Our sessions are designed for the science educator, giving them best practice science strategies and tools they can take back to their classroom. Contact Us to talk about your professional learning needs!

Onsite and Virtual Coaching for Teachers and Leaders

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​Our entire team at The FIRST Education Science Center  provides support in a variety of ways. We can tailor any level of science support needed to fit your vision. Contact us today to learn how we can support your school and district moving forward. Contact us to get started!

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