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We are losing leaders in our schools. 


Given the demands that are put on today’s schools and the number of hats leaders feel they are supposed to wear, the bigger surprise is that we haven’t lost more. But in many ways, school leaders are their own well-meaning worst enemy: they try to be everything to everyone all the time, which takes them away from the work they are supposed to be doing. They begin to drift.


Avoid drifting toward being the “knower” or the “doer” and instead lead others to solve problems using clear evidence to move the needle substantially for kids. This book provides leaders with the research, practical guidance, and hands on tools, to ensure everyone gets better at getting better in their practices and the outcomes we care about.


Throughout this book, leaders will find vignettes, reflective questions, and examples to avoid the drift, or if you fall in, get back out, and lead in the most complex yet rewarding profession in the world. We hope this book becomes that symbolic tow truck that allows you to be the leader that helps those they lead be the best at getting better.

Navigating Leadership Drift: Observable Impact on Rigorous Learning

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