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Sold in Packs of 10 Guides for Schoolwide Implementation!


Thousands of schools across the country have shifted to a block schedule of some variety over the last three decades. This shift is generally made in order to:

  • Have longer periods of uninterrupted learning
  • Provide the opportunity to go deeper into content Reduce stress on teachers and students (fewer preps/classes at one time)
  • Create common planning time for teacher teams


Many schools believed and hoped that by increasing the time in tested subject areas, they would meet their goals/reasons listed above, and they would see an increase in test scores. While some schools did, many schools did not. 


This guide provides schools with a roadmap for the changes that must occur in order for the block schedule to have a meaningful impact on student learning. QR codes are provided throughout so that teams have everything they need to get started right away!

Leveraging the Block Schedule Laminated Guide (Pack of 10)

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