“We-Do” Writing: Maximizing Practice To Develop Independent Writers

Dates TBD

Dates TBD

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Central Time

All Sessions Take Place on Zoom

$450/Full Series

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Your writing lesson was well-modeled, clear, and engaging, but your students were still at a loss when it came time to write independently. Why? There’s a good chance your children needed more time in the “We-Do” phase of the gradual release model. During this four part symposium, Leah will introduce you to her research based “We-Do” model of instruction featured in her newest book, “We Do’ Writing: Maximizing Instruction to Develop Independent Writers." 


You will see how to use the “We-Do” model as a simple tool for the complex task of teaching children how to write. You will learn how to prioritize equitable instruction by offering students, who need it, more time to compose together during Interactive Writing, Write Aloud, and Writing Process sessions. 


Leah will also show you how to plan weekly writing instruction, as well as units of study keeping the “We-Do” model in mind. Finally you will learn how to use “We-Do” mentor texts effectively in the classroom.


The end result?  Independent, proficient writers!


Come join Leah and leave with concrete ideas on how to plan and teach writing more effectively in your classroom. 

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It is suggested that participants have a copy of Leah Mermelstein's book, "We-Do Writing: Maximizing Instruction to Develop Independent Learners." 


PLEASE NOTE: The book is not included in your registration for this event.



Leah Mermelstein

Leah Mermelstein is a well-known expert and author on the teaching of writing, reading, and language development. She is a sought-after keynote speaker at national conferences, admired for her close study of students' writing and reading development. As a literacy consultant, she works closely with school districts, teachers, and students, helping develop and deliver quality and cohesive literacy instruction. She holds a Master's degree in Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform and aspires to ground all of her work in creating equitable access to children and families. She lives in New Jersey, with her young daughter.