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How to Think Differently about Learner Engagement

2-Part Series



June 14 and 16, 2022

School Teacher


9:00 am -10:30 am Central Time

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Sessions Occur on Zoom





Recorded Access Until September 30, 2022

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Too often educators are evaluated, judged and told what to fix. It’s time to shift our focus to notice engagement in an appreciative manner. To discover, dream, design and deliver how we can enhance what’s already working. This session will focus on an inquiry process to get curious, to notice and value ourselves. Appreciation is one of the most compelling and powerful feelings we possess, so why don’t we use it more often in education? Together let’s find our spark to Think Differently. 

The “3i’s” of engagement.
How do we know a person is learning? Often educators are tasked with the opportunity to “engage all learners” yet we may not have a clear definition of how to notice engagement. This session will break down the “3i’s” of engagement: investment, independence and initiation, and will include the art of noticing with appreciation. 

The 4Ds of appreciative inquiry. 
Have you ever felt like you wanted to try something but there just wasn’t enough time to execute the idea? With the 4D approach to appreciative inquiry we will learn how to discover the best of what is, dream about what might be, design what could be and deliver what will be. In this session, you will learn the guidelines for appreciative inquiry mentorship to enhance our own self-efficacy.


Julie Townsend

Jen Townsend

Over the past two decades Jen Townsend has worked in collaboration with schools, families and other professionals to build collective and individual capacity to enhance practices that support the education of individuals with social emotional learning differences including autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities. Her work focuses on using appreciative inquiry techniques, social emotional learning practices paired with universal design for learning. She shares knowledge in a manner that educators, families and other community members can learn and apply specific to their role and skills. Jen wants to leverage her experiences in school and home-based programming, social emotional learning and well-being, universal design for learning, trauma informed care, professional development and leadership, coaching and mentorship to offer you a new path forward. She believes that together, we can make an impact in a child’s life. It starts by thinking differently.