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FIRST Education Special Education 

December 14, 2022



December 14, 2022

School Teacher


9:30am - 3:00pm

Central Time

Empty Classroom

Sessions Occur on Zoom






Recorded Access Until February 28, 2023

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Calling all special educators and teachers supporting students with diverse learning needs

There is little doubt the pandemic has had a huge effect on the learning of all students.  However, a common theme around the United States and North America has been that students requiring individualized learning plans may have been impacted the most. Why you may ask?  Well, quite simply, virtual learning, social distancing and other tools utilized to help us get through the last several years didn't leave much room for “individualization.”  Instead, at no fault of anyone in particular, the focus on getting students “back” to school students led to less differentiation and students with specialized needs most often received the same learning as everyone else. This increased learning gaps and often created learners and their teachers to doubt themselves and their abilities.


If you are a special educator or teacher working with students with individualized education plans, we invite you to get recharged and renewed by connecting with colleagues and thought leaders from around North America at the FIRST Education Special Education Summit.  This one day event will provide educators not only with theory on how to help our students post-pandemic, but also with tips, tools, and strategies that can be used within the classroom to increase the success of their students and themselves.

Keynote Sessions


"Universal Design Daily: Supporting All Students in the Diverse Classroom"

Live session only.

Not recorded.

Paula Kluth

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"Power and Empowerment: Honoring By Decision and Design"

Andratesha Fritzgerald

Breakout Presenters

Doug Ammeraal

Doug Ammeraal

Roxie Ammeraal.png

Roxie Ammeraal

Mike Domagalski.png

Mike Domagalski

Ebony Grice

Ebony Grice


Amanda Ironside

Martin Odima Jr.

Martin Odima Jr.

Patrick Schwartz.jpeg

Dr.Patrick Schwarz

David Simpson.png

Dr. David Simpson

Jen Townsend.jpeg

Jen Townsend

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