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Schools across the country have spent significant amounts of time, energy and resources on meeting the academic needs of all students. Yet, research has proven over time that in order to meet the academic needs of our learners, we must meet their social and emotional needs. Based on the best selling book, Significant 72: Unleashing the Power of Relationships in Today’s Schools, the support provided by the Learner FIRST Center for Social Emotional Learning & Academic Excellence provides practical strategies for developing relationships, developing social development in students K-12 and how to develop the emotional vocabulary and skills needed for students to find success in today’s schools.


The Learner FIRST SOAR Center provides equitable training, resources and support to school districts, leaders and teachers to improve structures and systems to ensure ALL students are provided equitable opportunities in their social and emotional learning and development.


The Learner FIRST SOAR Center will develop teachers and leaders who have confidence in their skills to provide Social Emotional Learning and who implement best practices in Social Emotional Teaching, allowing ALL students to experience high levels of equitable learning.

our services

Keynotes, Institutes, and Workshops

The Learner FIRST SOAR Center provides a variety of in-person and virtual events across all aspects of Social Emotional Learning in schools across the globe. Our highly engaging team of educators are skilled at customizing sessions to meet the needs of your school or district.

On-Site and Virtual Coaching

Our entire team at the Learner FIRST SOAR Center provides support around Social Emotional Learning in a variety of ways. Contact us today to find out how we can support your school and district moving forward. 


The Learner FIRST SOAR Center offers several certifications for educators of grades 3K - 12. These online modules will deepen your understanding of a variety of Social Emotional Learning topics. Participants are provided with a certificate to verify their successful completion of the course.


The Social Emotional Learning & Academic Excellence and Equity Collaborative Team is free monthly opportunity for professionals to meet up, engage in conversations, and share thoughts about making our schools more responsive to the students we serve.

Written Resources

In addition to the book, "Significant 72," the Learner FIRST SOAR Center provides written resources meant to inspire, inform, and support teachers and leaders as they work to provide the very best for their students.

FREE Resources

In order to ensure your success, we provide a number to FREE tools to guide your work. Check out our FREE Resources page for more information!

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