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Side-by-Side Coaching

A Hybrid Event Designed with Busy Coaches in Mind


Live Zoom Sessions

Dates Coming Soon

Video Sessions Release Dates:

Dates Coming Soon

Access to Recorded Sessions Through 


Live Zoom Sessions

3:30 - 4:30 pm Central


Live Sessions take place on Zoom.

Video Sessions will be available on-demand on Vimeo.



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Coaching that Transforms Collaborative Teacher Teams

As coaches, if we aren’t coaching for equity we are complicit in reproducing an inequitable system. We have a professional obligation to lead and coach in a way that surfaces and interrupts inequities and transforms practices that help us to create the schools children deserve. This series will offer an opportunity to learn how to support teams in navigating the stages of team development, with equity at the center.

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Interested in Learning More About our Coaching Services ?

From institutes and workshops, to side-by-side coaching, we are here to support your efforts!

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