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Social Emotional Learning

February 9, 2023



February 9, 2023

Recorded Access Until
April 30, 2023

School Teacher


9:30am - 3:00pm 

Central Time

Empty Classroom

Sessions Occur on Zoom


$1,500/school-wide access


$5,000/district-wide access (more than 5 schools)




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Even before the pandemic, educators were concerned about the heightened levels of anxiety and depression among students, and sadly, those numbers have only risen higher.  In addition to the typical stressors associated with school and life, COVID-related stressors like social isolation, loneliness, loss of income and/or loved ones, and global stressors such as school shootings, political unrest, and the war in Ukraine have added additional trauma to our students and families. During this time of stress within schools, it is crucial that educators are provided with strategies and tools they can immediately put in place to help the students they work with on a daily basis as well as themselves!


This conference will explore the “HOW” of Social and Emotional Learning.  Participants will hear from experts within the field of education on “how” they implement SEL within classrooms and schools around the country. 


Whether you are a teacher looking for ideas to utilize in your classroom to help your students, an administrator looking for ways to help implement SEL schoolwide, or an educator looking for ways to increase your own social-emotional health, you will leave with dozens of practical and easy to use strategies you can starting utilizing the next day.

Keynote Sessions


"Emotional Metabolism. What it is and why it matters to your student's social-emotional health and yours too!"

With Greg Wolcott

Gianna Casetta.jpeg


"Adult SEL: An Essential for School Communities to Thrive"

With Gianna Casetta

Breakout Presenters

Doug Ammeraal

Doug Ammeraal

Mike Domagalski.png

Mike Domagalski

Nicole Mashock.jpeg

Nicole Mashock

Dr Byron McClure.jpeg

Dr. Byron McClure

Kelli Norgard.jpeg

Kelli Norgard

Dr Paul Scaletta.jpeg

Dr. Paul Scaletta

David Simpson.png

Dr. David Simpson

Jen Townsend.jpeg

Jen Townsend

Alisa Zawdony.png

Alisa Zawodny

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