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Virtual Summit for Social Emotional Learning & Equity

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The current COVID-19 crisis has put teachers, teachers assistants, administrators and school boards in an unprecedented position to figure out how to best support learning during times of uncertainty. The answer to the question posed is pretty straight forward: “we have no idea!” We “have no idea” because it’s impossible to know the future as things are changing globally on a daily basis. 


Schools have done a tremendous job adjusting to the circumstances of virtual learning in a short amount of time, but really were not given the proper training and time to ensure the impact on learning they are aiming for with today’s learners. However, when schools eventually return to a sense of normalcy, the social and emotional needs of our learners will be the number one priority.

Keynote Presenters

Greg Wolcott

"It Takes Two Wings to Soar"

During Greg's interactive virtual keynote, he will share how the brain responds to incoming information and the effect that process impacts what and how we learn. He will share practical tools on how to begin transforming classroom environments so teachers can create the conditions for students to thrive.

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LaVonna Roth

"Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E."

This engaging and unforgettable experience with LaVonna will leave you motivated to uncover, foster, and amplify the unique gifts and talents that our students possess. To honor each child’s obvious and undiscovered talents, we focus on Self, Heart (passion), how to Inspire and Navigate to create the Exceptional people our students are meant to be.

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Breakout Presenters

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Michael Atkins

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Elisabeth Bostwick

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Victoria Hansen

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Tom Hierck

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Dennis Griffin Jr.

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Rae Hughart

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Rufus Lott III


LaVonna Roth

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Andrea Samadi

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Dominique Smith

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Todd Stanley


Greg Wolcott

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