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Best Practices in Secondary 
Math Instruction:  Incorporating Small Groups and Teams



October 5, 19, and 26, 2022

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4:00 pm - 5:15 pm Central Time

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As secondary math teachers, we strive to help our students meet their maximum potential and open doors for high levels of mathematics. However, the learner diversity within classrooms can provide unique challenges that are difficult to meet within a traditional lesson structure. Incorporating small groups and student teams into your daily routine allows teachers to meet the diverse needs of students in their classroom. Best practices in secondary mathematics instruction include providing strategically planned lessons that promote student discourse, problem-solving, risk-taking, inquiry, and increased student engagement that results in conceptual understanding of mathematics concepts to maximize student learning outcomes.  


Shelly Daun and Cyndie Lowe have many years of experience working with teachers to successfully meet the diverse mathematical needs of their students by providing teachers with increased knowledge of how students learn math and what teachers can do to move their students along a continuum of  deeper understanding.  During this series, Shelly and Cyndie will share practical small group instructional tools and activities that teachers can use instantly in their classroom to leverage student success and conceptual understanding of various mathematical concepts.



Shelly Daun

Shelly Daun has over 25 years of professional experience in public education. Currently, she is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Menasha Joint School District located in Wisconsin. She has been an instructional leader and administrator for most of her career in education focusing on systems change and school-wide reform.  She has worked in large suburban and high poverty school districts in Northeast Wisconsin.


Shelly has led school districts in district level and school improvement utilizing a systems approach to school improvement.  All with a curriculum design that focuses on analyzing student data, developing standards and assessments, implementing research-based instructional pedagogy, honoring student equity, leadership development, and creating sustainability action plans.  She has had success with developing and implementing school reform and improvement plans when schools are identified as needs improvement at the state level. Shelly is well versed in standards, assessment, K-12 literacy and mathematics instruction, equitable multi-level systems of support for students, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements, and leadership development.

Cynthia Lowe has over 25 years of experience in education where she enjoyed teaching high school math, training teachers and most recently being an interventionist/instructional coach. Currently, she is the 9-12 math interventionist/coach at Menasha High School located in Wisconsin. Cynthia is a passionate instructional leader, focusing on lesson and unit  development through the use of instructional strategies.  She has been providing professional development for her district and others for over 10 years, ranging from math focus to building and district level goals based on researched best practices.

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Cyndie Lowe

Session Details

Teens & Library

Session 1

Incorporate Small Group Instruction in Your  Classroom:  The Why and the How

In this session, participants will Learn why it is important to rethink how we teach secondary students math.  Learn how small groups/teams leverage access for all students to higher levels of thinking about mathematics.  In this session we will share strategies to build a culture and environment where students are risk-takers and engaged in their learning. 

Study Groups

Session 3

Making Math Visible and Meaningful for Student Success

In this session, we will focus on developing students' conceptual understanding  through the use of various tools that support students conceptual understanding.  Making math visible and accessible to the wide-range of abilities in their classrooms.  Participants will also discover why discourse in small groups/teams is the key to improving student outcomes. 

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Session 2

Purposefully Planning Instruction for Small Groups and Teams

In this session, participants will learn how to develop mathematical tasks that promote conceptual understanding and how to facilitate learning through strategies that promote student ownership and problem solving.  Participants will walk away with strategies and knowledge to develop student and teacher roles in highly engaged math classrooms.