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Learner FIRST 1-Day Science Summit

December 7, 2022



December 7, 2022

School Teacher


9:00 am - 2:30 pm Central Time

Empty Classroom

Sessions Occur on Zoom





Recorded Access Until March 31, 2023

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As science educators, we strive to help our students meet their maximum potential for learning in science and create lifelong science learners who have the ability to work flexibly with strategies, think critically and possess resilience in order to persevere through problem solving tasks. During the one-day Learner FIRST Virtual Science Summit, educators will be able to engage with thought-leaders and practitioners to gain new ideas and perspectives, gather tons of tools and resources to develop critical thinkers and maximize potential in your learners.


Join us for this exciting one-day summit and be prepared to walk away inspired, energized to engage and challenge your students to become more passionate science learners!

Keynote Presenter


"What Falling Down Teaches Us About Getting Up"

With Greg Wolcott


Breakout Presenters

Mridula Bajaj.png

Mridula Bajaj

Jess Brown

Jess Brown

McCall Conroy Emerick

McCall Conroy Emerick

Kelly Hartings

Kelly Hartings

Nicole Mashock.jpeg

Nicole Mashock

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Shefali Mehta


Heidi Salm