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FIRST Education Science Center

Customized Professional Learning

Keynotes, Institutes, and Workshops

Our team of skilled practitioners will work with you and your team to determine your professional learning needs and the delivery model, whether that be a keynote, a workshop, or team coaching, that will best meet your goals. Some of our topics include:

  • Effective Instructional Strategies for Science 

  • Developing STEM Framework

  • Creating Cross-Curricular Connections

  • NGSS Standard Alignment 

  • Sustainable Agriculture the Classroom

  • Incorporating Engineering and Design Processes

On-site or Virtual Coaching

Coaching for leaders and teachers is critical. When leaders and teachers work with a coach, they are able to refine their practices and try-out new learning. The impact that coaching has on any change is significant! The FIRST Education Science Center includes trained coaches who are skilled at supporting teachers and leaders in setting short-term goals and designing coaching supports to assist in meeting those goals. We believe in coaching that is responsive to the needs of the school and educator.

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