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Standards-Based Grading in Secondary Schools: How Does it Prepare Students for Success Beyond High School?

April 28, 2022



April 28, 2022

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6:00 - 7:00 pm Central Time

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When schools move towards standards-based grading, some stakeholders may worry that implementing standards-based grading practices may foster “bad habits” that will be detrimental to students’ success when they transition to life after high school.  Educators need answers to these important concerns about the implications of standards-based grading beyond high school.  Participants in this interactive webinar will be provided research and anecdotes from a former high school teacher and current university professor.


Matt Townsley is an assistant professor of educational leadership at the University of Northern Iowa. Previously, he was a teacher and district administrator in Solon, IA. Through conferences, professional development and workshops, Dr. Townsley has consulted with thousands of teachers and administrators across the country on the topics of assessment and standards-based grading. Matt’s writing has been published in journals such as Educational Leadership (ASCD), School Administrator (AASA), and American Secondary Education. He has been featured or quoted on The Christian Science Monitor,, The Washington Post, California public radio, the Center for Digital Education, Education Week, and a number of other media outlets. Matt’s primary area of expertise and support with FIRST includes assessment and grading.

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Matt Townsley