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Standards Based Assessment Bootcamp

Taking a deep dive into developing standard and/or target aligned assessments.

Event Details



 October 25, 2022 and

November 29, 2022

School Teacher


9:00 am - 3:00 pm Central Time

Empty Classroom


Session Occurs on Zoom



Looking for support in designing and aligning standard or target aligned assessments? Join us for a virtual, 2-day event with Becky Peppler, Director of the FIRST Education STAGR Center. We will have special, 1-hour, presentations from Myron Dueck, Thomas Guskey and Ken O'Connor! During this boot camp we will let the four components of standard/target aligned assessment guide our learning!


We will focus on: 

  • How to clearly define and identify measurable and observable learning targets

  • A process for how to select appropriate assessment measures and align the assessments to learning targets/standards

  • How to gIve Feedback using Proficiency Levels

  • How to analyze the results of the assessed learning targets and how we can adjust instruction/learning as needed → Reassessment Practices


Reserve your space and join us for a 2-day assessment boot camp adventure. Spaces will be limited!



Becky Peppler

Becky Peppler is the Director of the FIRST Education Center for Assessment and Grading (a division of FIRST Educational Resources). She has 15 years of professional experience in public education, working in the Winneconne Community School District in northeast Wisconsin. Becky has spent time as a 6-12 Instructional Coach with a focus on supporting teachers in the classroom on a daily basis. Prior to her role as an instructional coach, Becky taught Chemistry and Forensic Science and was the 6-12 Science Curriculum Chair. She is a member of the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST), where she was awarded the Excellence in Science Education Award for the state of Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Science Education Leadership Association (WSELA). Becky has helped the Winneconne Community School District transition to Target Based Grading at the middle and high school levels. She has a passion for designing meaningful assessments practices, making reassessment work, target based learning implementation, building social and emotional skills and ensuring that all students continue to learn at high levels. Becky currently consults to school districts all over the United States in these areas.



During the bootcamp, we will be joined by 3 special guests, Myron Dueck, Ken O'Connor, and Tom Guskey, who will engage participants in 1-hour, presentations.


Reasons to


  • Inspiration and Excitement

  • Networking with Educators From ALL over the United States

  • New Learning that Can Be Used Right Away

  • Practical Strategies and Tools that can be used in the 2022-23 school year

  • Develop ways to make assessment practices more meaningful and reflective of student learning


Included in Your Registration:

  • 2 Full Days of learning, collaborating and time to apply your new learning with others

  • 3 Live Virtual Presentations from some amazing thought leaders (Ken O’Connor, Dr. Tom Guskey and Myron Dueck)

  • Access and Networking with World-Class Presenters 

  • Virtual Workbook with Notes, Resources and Planning Tools

  • Time to apply your knowledge and get feedback.

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