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Reigniting a Passion for Literacy

Event has concluded by virtual access is still available.


Event has concluded but virtual access is still available.


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Life in schools has been turned upside down for the past 18 months. Teachers have been working exceptionally hard to teach their students in circumstances that they could never have predicted and would never have chosen. And yet...as we come out on the other side of this experience, our passion for teaching students is stronger than ever. We know what lies ahead is uncertain and will challenge us in unexpected ways, and yet...we are ready.


During this two day conference, Reigniting a Passion for Literacy, educators will rediscover the joy of teaching the lifelong skills of reading and writing to students. Each session will offer inspiration, ideas, and new perspectives on all that makes the role of the literacy educator such a unique and important one. Join us for this unique two-day event and be prepared to leave with energy and a plan for starting the next school year off right!

Keynote Presenters

Mary Howard

"Re-Envisioning Interventions as Passionate Literacy Endeavors Across Each Learning Day"

Sadly, it is often children who need passion-fueled literacy most who are subjected to joyless one-size-fits-all interventions in a "fix-it" room while ignoring possibilities that abound in the remaining six hours. Mary will share specific ways to expand our lens of intervention possibility so that we can widen our collective reach with joy in mind regardless of the setting.

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Pernille Ripp

"Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students"

Would you want to be a student in your own learning environment? In this keynote, based on the book Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students, 7th-grade teacher Pernille Ripp will help both novice and seasoned educators create a positive, interactive learning environment where students drive their own academic achievement by honoring the individual child. Attendees will hear practical strategies for how to build a meaningful relationship with your learners based on mutual trust, respect, and honesty, share ownership of the classroom and school with them, and break out of the vicious cycle of punishment and reward to control student behavior.  Based on common-sense strategies, personal storytelling and the research behind student engagement, this is a keynote meant to move you to action.  Whether you are just beginning or well on your way in your teaching career, this session is meant to inspire you, help you take some risks, and eagerly pursue your journey toward a school filled with passionate learners.

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Breakout Presenters


Cale Birk

Jennifer Deering


Jenni Donohoo

La Tasha Fields

Linda Kuhaupt


Danica Lewis

Amy Lubben

Katie McKnight

Elizabeth Mintie

Pernille Ripp

Leslie Roessing

Shavana Talbert

Julie Wright


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