FIRST Education 
PLC Summit

2-Day Virtual Conference

2 Keynotes   |   24 Live Breakout Sessions    |   17  Presenters
Recorded Access Until June 15, 2023




February 1-2, 2023

Recorded Access Until June 15, 2023

School Teacher


9:00 am - 3:00 pm Central Time

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Sessions Occur on Zoom

Zoom Links are sent to ALL registered individuals and schools one week before the event begins.




$1,500/school-wide access


$5,000/district-wide access (more than 5 schools)

School-Wide access allows ALL staff members in school to participate in any of the live sessions or watch any of the recordings from the summit until June 15, 2023. 

District-Wide Access allows ALL staff members from an entire school district to 

participate in any of the live sessions or watch any of the recordings from the summit until June 15, 2023. 

“It’s hard to keep people focused during collaboration.”


“We collaborate about standards, when do we talk about the challenges in my class?”


“Every outcome is important—they’re all essential!.”


“This might work for departments like English or Math, but I am the only Spanish teacher—who do I collaborate with?”


“Getting ready to lead collaboration time feels like another prep.”


“Can I collaborate by myself?”


Do any of these sound familiar? Do they sound similar to things you hear when you are working in your PLCs? If so, you are not alone. Thousands and thousands of districts across North America and the globe have spent time, effort and resources over the last two decades to create embedded time within the school day for educators to collaborate. And while the research behind professional learning communities collaborating to improve their teaching is clear, the application of professional learning communities and collaborative time can be foggy for educators at all levels of the system. 


At the FIRST Education Virtual PLC Summit, we will address these challenges and others to help attendees reimagine what their PLCs can be. From the opening keynote with Cale Birk, Imagineer of PLC 2.0, to all breakout sessions, participants and schools will walk away from this virtual event with a renewed sense of energy, passion and focus to maximize the observable impact of their work in PLCs. 


Join us for two days of learning with our team experts that will cover a variety of topics to ensure each of your collaborative teams are functioning with a sense of purpose to ensure the collaborative actions they engage in lead to the highest level of observable impact in each of their schools and classrooms.

Watch as an individual, PLC team, school or district and begin your journey on maximizing the Observable impact of your collaborative teams!

Keynote Presenters

 Opening Keynote 

Reimagining PLCs in 2022 and Beyond: Collaborating for Observable Impact

With Cale Birk

Cale Birk
Michael mcdowell.jpg


Bring Clarity to ALL Aspects of your PLCs 

With Dr. Michael McDowell

Breakout Presenters


Dr. Mark Bazata

Cale Birk

Cale Birk

Percy Head Shot.jpg

Percy Brown Jr.


Shelly Daun

Christie Dugan.jpeg

Christie Dugan

Jenni Donohoo.jpg

Dr. Jenni Donohoo

Dennis Griffin.jpg

Dennis Griffin Jr.

Gabe Hackett

Gabe Hackett

Amanda Ironside

Amanda Ironside


Dr. Garth Larson

Danica Lewis

Danica Lewis

Nicole Mashock_edited.jpg

Nicole Mashock

Michael mcdowell.jpg

Dr. Michael McDowell

Becky Peppler

Becky Peppler

Heidi Headshot.jpg

Heidi Salm

Greg Wolcott

Greg Wolcott

Sessions Preview

(More Sessions Coming Soon)

Mark Bazata | Planning Your Professional Learning In Your PLCs


Cale Birk | The Time Thief- Gaining Time to Meet the Diverse Needs of Your Students In Your PLCs! 


Percy Brown Jr. | Collaborating In Your PLCs with an Equity Lens


Shelly Daun | Tackling the Fact Fluency Challenge In Your PLCs


Christie Dugan | What Story Does Your Data Tell Your PLCs and What Do You Do About It?


Jenni Donohoo | Building Collective Efficacy In Your PLCs


Dennis Griffin Jr. | Tacking Conflict In Your PLCs- Without Conflict, There Can Be No Growth


Gabe Hackett | Setting the Stage for Collaboration- Using the Worst/Best Protocol In Your PLCs


Amanda Ironside | RTI and PLC : You Can’t Have One Without the Other


Garth Larson | Gaining Clarity in Your PLCs- Creating Your Observable Vision of a Learner


Danica Lewis | Maximizing the Observable Impact When Coaching PLCs


Nicole Mashock | Focusing on Academics and Behavior in Your PLCs


Michael McDowell | Making Differentiation Work in Your PLC


Becky Peppler | Identifying Your Evidence Based Reality Through Effective Assessment Practices


Heidi Salm | What About Science PLCs? Maximizing Engagement in Your Science Classroom

Greg Wolcott | Better Behavior…Better PLCs…Better Results