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Next Steps with Shared Reading:


Using Short Texts to Go the Extra Mile (Grades 2-5) 

June 22, 2021

College Classroom

June 22, 2021

9:00 - 11:00 CST

This Session Takes Place on Zoom

$99 per person

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Short texts are everywhere, and so are the readers who love them.  In this workshop, learn how to select, plan with, and use short texts to increase reading volume and inspire opportunities for writing across content areas.  From novel excerpts to the writing on the back of a cereal box, short texts have so much to teach our students about the form and function of reading and writing in the world. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways short texts can be used to:

  • Build community

  • Boost independence

  • Spark curiosity and wonder


Together, we’ll explore how shared reading can be used with whole groups, but also inspire follow-up conversations through small groups and one-to-one learning experiences.  In addition, we’ll take a close look at how short texts can inspire content integration, across subject areas and settings.  We’ll plan learning opportunities that harness the power of “short” to help readers and writers go the long distance.


Julie Wright

Julie Wright is a teacher, instructional coach, and educational consultant with more than 25 years of experience in rural, suburban, and urban education settings. She co-authored, "What Are You Grouping For? How to Guide Small Groups Based on Readers—Not the Book." (Corwin, 2018)  Julie is best known for helping schools build capacity by matching their pedagogical beliefs to best practices. She holds National Board Certification as well as a B.S. in education, a Master’s in language arts and reading, K-12 Reading Endorsement, and a pre-K through grade 9 principal license from The Ohio State University. In her free time, Julie loves walking, hanging out with family and friends, spending time in her garden, and she is a wanna-be beekeeper.