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Leveraging Small Group Instruction: 
Mathematical Tools for Scaffolding and Extending Students Conceptual Understanding

Virtual Workshop



January 9, 11, and 16, 2024

Recorded Access Through March 31, 2024.



4:45 pm - 6:15 pm CENTRAL Time


Sessions take place on Zoom.




Additional Session Details


Topic 1

Small Group Instruction 101:  Identifying the Need and the Why & Early Numeracy

In this session, participants will explore the importance of integrating small group instruction into their mathematics classroom routines.  Learn how to uncover your students’ mathematical strengths and gaps and how to tailor lessons to meet the diverse needs in your classroom.  We will also take a deep dive into early numeracy as the foundation of mathematical literacy, typically strengthened in the early years of learning.  In this session, participants will be introduced to a number of tools that can be used to promote early numeracy in your classroom and in small group lessons.

Teacher and Pupils

Topic 3

Fractions,  Geometry, and Spatial Reasoning

 In this session, we will investigate fraction sense by understanding the progression of how students learn fractions. Participants will explore visual models aimed at moving students from a concrete to abstract understanding.  We will also examine the importance of spatial reasoning and how it connects to number sense and geometry concepts. Learn how students with strong spatial reasoning skills are able to manipulate and create images of shapes and objects in their mind.  Participants will walk away with various tools to incorporate in their small group instruction or mini lessons.

Girl with Teacher

Topic 2

Addition, Subtraction, Place Value,  Multiplication and Division Strategies

In this session, participants will understand the learning progressions and examine strategies and models proven to help students develop fluency and move beyond the standard algorithm in order to develop students' conceptual understanding in order to develop mathematical fluency. We will also explore place value in order to understand the important role it plays in understanding addition and subtraction.

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