Learner FIRST Leadership Summit

June 21 - 22, 2022


June 21-22, 2022

Video Access Available Until September 22, 2022


9:00 am - 3:15 pm Central Time


Sessions take place on Zoom.


$350 per person

Discounts available for Teams of 10 or more administrators from the same school district - Contact Us for more information.

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, and as we reflect on our success and our struggles, we, as education leaders, are left to wonder… How do we lead for maximum impact and success looking ahead? How can we best support the growth and excellence of our teachers and administrators during the 2022-2023 school year, even as working in leadership continues to become more challenging?


During this 2-day leadership summit, school and district leaders will have the opportunity to learn about new approaches to their work from some of the foremost experts in the field of leadership. Whether you are an Assistant Principal, Principal, Director, Superintendent or in any other role of educational leadership, this summit is perfect for you! Most importantly, participants will gain the inspiration they need to plan for the 2022-2023 school year...a fresh start and a new chance for excellence! 


Can’t attend the live sessions? No problem! Every session this conference is being recorded and ALL registered educators will have access to watch ALL of the sessions until September 22, 2022 (you do not need to be present at the live sessions to access the recordings)

Keynote Speakers


Staying Personal & Authentic in the Midst of Adversity

With Thomas C. Murray

The pandemic has brought uncertainty at every turn. Opening the past two school years in the midst of a global pandemic created significant anxiety and a loss of sleep for all educators, regardless of position. As we lead through uncertainty, how can we create a culture where both students and staff can thrive? How can we work to overcome fear and fail forward when things don't go as planned? How can we ensure technology plays its proper role, and “innovation” doesn’t become a graveyard of tech tools? Grounded in relationships, and built upon a culture for learning, personal and authentic cultures of innovation, respect the hidden stories within each individual and are learner-centered by design. Regardless of what happens outside our school walls, together we can work to create meaningful opportunities when we hyper-focus on the things that matter most. The work is hard, but our kids are worth it!


Leading for Observable Impact That You Can SEE In The Classroom

With Cale Birk


Despite our best attempts, vision statements and school improvement plans are often developed by few, read by fewer and inspire even less! The question becomes ‘How can we find a way to connect our leadership actions to observable impact, the impact that we can actually SEE in our classrooms?’ During this fun, hands-on introductory session participants will learn about how to apply the Observable Impact model in their context. OI is a simple, step-by-step framework complete with ready to use tools and protocols that allows new and experienced district leaders, educators and teacher teams to determine and increase the observable impact of everything from their staff meetings and collaborative team meetings all the way to the impact of any initiatives or actions that are being implemented in their school.  All participants will leave with a tool and protocol they can (and will want to) use immediately in their context! 


The Nuance of Leadership for system Transformation from the Bottom Up

With Michael Fullan

This session will focus on what it means to be a ‘lead learner’ capturing the three domains: Spirit work; Contextual Literacy (deep knowledge of local culture), and Systemic Stewardship. These apparently ‘lofty’ concepts come from our grounded work with school systems  will be operationalized with specific examples. Lead learner will be a foundational concept meaning that leaders have to model leadership themselves, but also deliberately foster leadership development in others. Legacies should be seen in terms of impact, and the number of leaders one leaves behind upon departure. Links will be made from local development to middle and policy levels.

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Breakout Presenters


Mark Bazata


Cale Birk

Richard Cash

Richard Cash

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Rebecca Coda


Shelly Daun

Myron Dueck

Myron Dueck

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Christie Dugan

Dennis Griffin

Dennis Griffin, Jr.

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Marlena Gross-Taylor


Thomas Guskey


Rick Jetter


Garth Larson


Danica Lewis

Rufus Lott

Rufus Lott, III

Laura McCullough

Laura McCullough

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Michael McDowell

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Thomas C. Murray

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William Parker

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Dennis Pauli

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Brent Raby

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Greg Ross


Michele Webb


Greg Wolcott