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Equity Minded Coaching 

3-Part Series



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School Teacher


9:00 am - 12:00 pm Central Time

Empty Classroom

Sessions Occur on Zoom





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As coaches we have a responsibility to develop ourselves to support teachers and systems that allow students to thrive in school every day. In this three-part developmental series, participants will define equity-mindedness and develop understanding of how it relates in their context, interrogate their beliefs, engage with strategies to cultivate strong collaborative coaching partnerships with teachers toward creating equitable conditions leading to high outcomes for all students.  Participants will leave with tools and other resources designed to assist in leveraging transformational change.

Series Session Titles

Session 1

Exploring the Meanings of Equity-Minded Coaching

Session 2

The ABC’s of Effective Impact: Disrupting Harmful Practices

Session 3

Strategies for Advancing Equity-Minded Coaching


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Kathy Myles

Kathy Myles, MA, served public educators, families and students as a statewide professional development specialist and systems coach. A highly innovative, caring instructional leader demonstrating proficiency in building individual and collective capacity Kathy has been a classroom teacher, PreK-12 site and district level administrator and adjunct instructor for Cardinal Stritch University and Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Understanding the collective effort needed, Kathy utilizes strategies intended to ensure a positive adult culture while staying true to the vision and mission of the organization; preserving the community’s confidence in education and the educational process in addition to collaborating with colleagues and other stakeholders to ensure resiliency and compassion for ourselves and others.

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