Teacher Assisting a Student

Unpacking, Understanding and Using Effective 

Feedback After COVID

June 9, 16,and 23, 2021

June 9, 16, and 23, 2021

All Sessions will be recorded and made available until September 30, 2021

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$99/Single Session

$225/Full Series


If you were asked the following questions, ‘What is Feedback, what are different types of feedback and who is feedback for?’, how would you respond?  While we’re on the topic, wouldn’t we all like to get a little honest feedback? Perhaps this question might garner a plethora of responses.


Feedback can take many forms. To list but a few, it can be personal, sensitive, accurate, specific or vague…something we often want, but don’t always welcome. Join this 3-part First Educational Resources event hosted by Myron Dueck to explore the topic of feedback and how we can make it meaningful, effective and manageable. Each 90 minute session will consist of a balance between research, concepts and ready-to-use classroom tools.


Myron Dueck

Over the past 22 years, Myron Dueck has gained teaching and administrative experience in both Canada and New Zealand in subjects ranging from grades 4 to 12. Beginning in 2006, Myron developed a number of grading, assessment and reporting systems with his classes in which students have greater opportunity to show what they understand, adapt to the feedback they receive and play a significant role in the reporting of that learning. Myron has been a part of administrative teams, district groups, school committees and governmental bodies that have further broadened his access to innovative ideas. Myron has shared his stories, tools and first-hand experiences with public, charter and international school educators around the world, and recently his presentations have diverged to include global education trends and broader socio-economic realities that impact learning. Myron has twice been published in EL Magazine. His best-selling book,Grading Smarter, Not Harder– Assessment Strategies that Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn Was released by ASCD in July 2014 and in 2015 ASCD released a video project based in his own school district entitled ‘Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom’. In 2019, ASCD released the first of a three-part online streaming series, hosted by Myron, looking at how we include students in assessment. The series includes John Hattie, Lorin Anderson, Celeste Kidd and more.Myron lives in Summerland, BC, CANADA with his wife and two children and is Vice-Principal for Grading, Assessment, Innovation and Reporting Student Learning In his local school district – Okangan-Skaha 67.

Session Details

Let Me Give You Some Feedback...

 In this first session we will unpack just what is meant by feedback – both generally and specific to education. We’ll explore how feedback is not reserved only for students but can also be for the teacher - encompassed in John Hattie’s adage, ‘Know Thy Impact’. Student achievement can be a powerful feedback tool for teacher effectiveness. We will also explore different kinds of feedback and show examples for how each can be used in the classroom.

June 9

9:00 - 10:30 CST

COVID, Hibernation and a Unique Feedback Opportunity

As we reach the halfway point of 2021, schools find themselves in a position unique in history. The COVID Pandemic has resulted in splintered educational experiences - from a patchwork of remote learning events to some in-class instruction. If summer holidays annually result in a learning gap, perhaps some students are standing on the edge of a learning chasm. In this session we will take to heart Winston Churchill’s post WWII advice: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste,’ and explore some things the last year has revealed about feedback, the language of learning and how we can restart learning after a long break. What steps can we now take to use feedback to ease the transition for our students returning to the new normal? Join this session to find out.

June 23

9:00 - 10:30 CST

Student-Centered Feedback

If feedback is not reserved only for teachers to deliver to students, how can we make it something the learner can uncover, seek and process? In this second session we will look at structures and tools that students can use to harness the power of personalized feedback to learn more, better understand the learning process and uncover gaps and next steps for themselves. Participants will see how powerful feedback tools can play an important role in every step - from learning objectives, to instruction, assessment and finally reporting.

June 16

9:00 - 10:30 CST