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The Learner FIRST Data Center was developed to support all educators in their use of the data available to them.   Educators have more data available to them today than ever before, which can be paralyzing and add stress to an already stressful job.  Not only is there a lot of data to examine and process, it is not easily accessible.  Our team is skilled in digging into data, finding meaning in the chaos, and making it actionable for educators.  
For more information on receiving support from the Learner FIRST Data Center, please contact Don Smith, Director at (don@firsteducation-us.com)


The Learner FIRST Data Center provides training, coaching, resources and support to leaders and teachers so that educational data is used to inform decisions in order to improve student learning for ALL students.


The Learner FIRST Data Center will develop teachers and leaders to have confidence in their data skills and make instructional decisions to maximize the opportunity for all students to experience high levels of growth and achievement.

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Data Coaching

We pride ourselves on building capacity in teams, so that data becomes something that is infused in the daily work.  Working with leaders and/or teacher teams, we will support you through cycles of data inquiry and use. Your team will be guided to identify relevant data sources, to set data-driven goals, to analyze collected data, and to take action based on that data. Coaching is an ongoing support and we will be your partner as you learn to use data in a meaningful way.

Data Analysis

Our team immerses ourselves in your data to fully understand your current reality.  Once we have a grasp on your situation, we create a presentation to share with you to review the data and to suggest possible action steps.

Data Dig and Goal Setting

During this interactive session, teams use a structured process to analyze data. After conducting the analysis, an action plan will be developed to ensure improvement in the data.

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