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The FIRST Education D&TA Center was created to support district, school and teacher leaders in identifying, prioritizing, and utilizing data to achieve goals. Educators have more data available to them today, which can be paralyzing and add stress to an already stressful job. Not only is there a lot of data to examine and process, often lack of clarity, time, and competing priorities can distract us from goals. Our team’s experience and practical approach establishes a collaborative learning environment for our stakeholders to engage in digging into the data, finding meaning in the chaos, and leaving with actionable plans. 


Please contact Christie Dugan, Director for the FIRST Education D&TA Center, for more information about professional learning and coaching support. 

(Data & Targeted Assistance)


The FIRST Education D&TA Center provides professional learning, coaching, and resources for leaders and teachers to enhance their understanding, and use of data to make timely and informed decisions that create a gateway to improve learning for ALL students.


The FIRST Education DATA Center will grow (build) the capacity of all stakeholders to establish a system around common language, targeted assistance, and an actionable plan.

Through our collaboration, your team will identify your data goals and 
develop systems that result in measurable impact and sustainability.  This systemic approach will provide stakeholders the ability to progress monitor and adjust strategies to ensure goals are achieved.  Our process in building a data-driven system understands the needs of adult learners and organizational learning. Our approach is inclusive and agile to provide facilitation and professional learning aligned to the needs of the division and/or school.  


The through line of this work creates opportunities for continuous improvement planning that is grounded in the use of data. Establishing goals aligned to the needs assessment and root cause analysis establishes a research-based approach and reflects the unique needs of each division or school. Our team will facilitate the use of data through effective and efficient protocols and processes that create a common language for data dialogue and decision-making. The FIRST Education D&TA creates the conditions for organizational alignment, targeted assistance/learning, and actionable plans to achieve results.


We support:

  • Developing needs assessments and root cause analysis to identify your data needs and gaps

  • Facilitating instructional rounds to gather real time instructional data

  • Facilitating data identification, prioritization, analysis, action planning and decision-making

  • Writing and implementing federal grant applications and amendments that align to the data plan and goals 

  • Aligning and re-aligning professional learning, fiscal, grant and human resources supporting the implementation of your data plan 

  • Co-creating professional learning plans and continuous/school improvement plans aligned to your data plan

  • Facilitating large and small stakeholder data work groups

  • Delivering professional learning to establish data processes and protocols


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Data Coaching and Facilitation

We pride ourselves on building capacity in teams, to establish a system with a common language in our daily work. We will work with leaders and teacher teams to develop protocols for facilitating data inquiry and implementation. Your team will receive coaching to identify data sources, goals, progress monitoring, and decision-making processes. Our coaching cycles will include planning, feedback, and reflecting conversations for individuals and/or teams. This opportunity can be customized to a train-the-trainer approach for data coaches and specialists.

Data Needs Assessment (DNA)

We are vested in practical approaches that are grounded in best practices in data. Often, we skip looking at our DNA and focus on data that does not get at the root cause or address our current reality or desired state. This professional learning will facilitate small or large groups through the needs assessment process that identifies the data, conducts a root cause analysis, prioritizes goals, and develops an action plan that is aligned to your data DNA. This process supports instructional, fiscal and resource allocations and needs. Additionally, your data DNA can support the development of professional learning plans, continuous/school improvement plans, and federal grants applications.

Data Dig3 (Dialogue, Discussion, Decision-Making)

Time, efficiency and effectiveness impact educator support and buy-in with using data. During these interactive sessions teams will use structured processes to begin or enhance their data dig. Teams will develop skills and implement protocols to norm their understanding of the three D’s (dialogue, discussion, and decision making) that saves time, reduces stress and gets results.

Data Walks

Teams will participate in job embedded data walks to establish baseline and progress monitoring data snapshots . As educators we work to improve the results for our students and data walks provide us the opportunity to gather data without judgment and determine the next steps and/or adjustments in our instructional strategies for our division or school  goals. These collaborative data walks provide leaders and professional educators the opportunity to engage in transparent dialogue, discussion, and decision-making that is real-time and based on facts.

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