Creating Your Classroom Community: A New Teacher’s Guide to Success

August 5, 2022

School Teacher


August 5, 2022

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8:30 am - 11:30 am Central



Session takes place on Zoom.



The new school year is right around the corner. Your excitement and anxiety is increasing as you try to sift through what you need to do to set your first year (or one of your first years) up for success. During this workshop made specifically for teachers in their first three years of teaching, Greg and Nicole will share strategies and research to help you create your dream classroom. 

As a result of this workshop, teachers will:

  • Learn the best ways to build relationships with students and between students

  • Understand behavior as communication to create conditions where students thrive

  • Create routines and rituals and understand the importance of consistency

  • Develop a plan for parent communication

  • Understand your emotions, needs and how to advocate for yourself

  • Gain strategies in engaging and motivating students

  • Learn strategies to become a reflective teacher


Greg Wolcott currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at Woodridge School District 68 in Woodridge, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles west of Chicago. As an educator in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years, Greg is passionate about developing opportunities for all students to succeed as well as finding ways for all teachers and staff members to utilize their strengths to maximize the learning of each and every child whom they interact with on a daily basis.Greg consults throughout the United States on a variety of subjects including adult learning, developing innovative practices in the classroom to engage all learners, formative assessment to drive instruction, response to instruction/intervention, and data usage for school improvement.


Greg Wolcott

Nicole Mashock has 17 years of experience in public education in which she has enjoyed working as a middle school Business Education Teacher, an instructional technology coach, and a founder and teacher at a 6-12, STEM project based learning charter school where she specialized in literacy-based instruction. Currently, she is a 6-12 Instructional Coach for the Winneconne Community School District located in Wisconsin. 


Nicole is an instructional leader who focuses on meeting the diverse needs of all learners. Through professional learning workshops in multiple areas and individual and team coaching, she creates opportunities for others to learn about research based strategies and develop plans to use these practices in the classroom. Nicole has extensive experience in building community and relationships with students, developing student agency in the classroom, differentiation and social emotional learning, standards and target based grading, and literacy practices. She is an innovative practitioner and learner who wants to support teachers in finding their unique strengths to 

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Nicole Mashock