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Colleagues Working Together

Coaching that Transforms Collaborative Teacher Teams

Multi-Part Series


Asynchronous access to content upon registration.


In-Person Session on November 17, 2023 

Access to Recorded Sessions Through December 31, 2023 


In-Person Session:

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Central Time


Video (Asynchronous)

In-Person Session:

FVTC - Riverside Campus

150 N. Campbell St.

Oshkosh, WI



Session Information

Music Class

Part 1

Emotional Intelligence as Foundation to Collaboration

In this session, Maria Dyslin will talk about how the exploration of self is integral to building high functioning collaborative teacher teams. Maria will offer suggestions about how to go about building skills in these areas to create the conditions for psychologically safety and trust building, the foundation to a strong team that can lean into courageous curiosity and cognitive dissonance.

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Part 3

Beliefs and Ways of Being

In this session, Maria Dyslin will guide coaches through a series of reflections intended to help them explore what working towards equity means and how exploring their own identity markers and beliefs are critical steps in coaching others for equity.

Team Meeting

Part 2

Cultivating Brave Spaces That Embrace Cognitive Dissonance

In this session, Maria Dyslin will talk about how to support teams through forming, norming, storming, performing stages of team development. We will unpack each of the stages and talk about key skill sets, processes and structures that help teams build team efficacy.

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Part 4

Proactive Planning for Diverse Needs

In this session, Maria Dyslin will offer a framework  teams can engage in when looking at student data that grounds teams in asset based, student centered conversations. Maria will offer a pathway where teams can use their data analysis to plan for a diverse range of learners.

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