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Center for Civil Rights in Education

Service Information

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Institutes, Workshops, and Keynotes

  • Signature Civil Rights in Education Institute (3 Days)

  • School Board Workshops

  • History of Inequality in the United States

  • History of Law Enforcement in the United States

  • Implicit Bias, Stereotypes and Microaggressions 

  • Book Studies

  • Black Excellence Lecture Series

  • Perspectives on Critical Race Theory and Public Education

On-Site and Virtual Coaching

  • Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of a Diverse Staff

  • Bilingual Services

  • Curriculum Standards, Content and Alignment Review with a Culturally Responsive Approach (Social Studies and English)

  • Leading and Sustaining Collaborative Teacher Teams That Prioritize Striving Learners and Impact Student Learning

  • Leading Change with Educator Effectiveness Through a Coaching Framework That Shapes Reflective Thinking, Intentional Teaching and Cultivates an Equity Mindset

  • Planning for Intentional and Transformational Professional Learning/Development for Staff

Data Analysis and Goal Setting

  • Data Summit

  • Building off of Funds of Knowledge: An Asset Based Approach to Data Informed Instructional Decision Making 

  • SWOT Analysis w/stakeholder groups, staff, students and families

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Let's Collaborate

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