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FIRST Education Center for
Civil Rights in Education

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In 1954, the Brown v. Board of Education decision forever changed the landscape of public education and society in the United States. Decades later, public schools, communities and corporations continue to spend significant amounts of time and resources to meet the varying needs of its system as well as those they serve, but in particular, historically disenfranchised communities. The FIRST Education Center for Civil Rights in Education was created to help educators, school districts and communities build a shared commitment to creating equitable opportunities and taking collective action to eliminate barriers associated with the predictability of success based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, first language, income or ability statuses. The FIRST Education Center for Civil Rights in Education has a team of skilled experts with a proven track record of effectively working with and supporting school districts, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, other service-based industries as well as private corporations. Our entire team of education consultants are current practitioners in education who deeply understand the challenges schools, service based industries and communities face. We are committed to and will work to develop and strengthen systems by listening, learning, collaborating and working alongside you to customize an experience that will drive sustainable change.


The FIRST Education Center for Civil Rights in Education provides customized training, coaching, team leadership and development, program and project management, strategic planning, technical and relational support to school districts, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, other service based industries and corporations to improve and transform their schools, communities and/or systems to best meet the needs of those being served.


The FIRST Education Center for Civil Rights in Education will develop educators, community members, staff and leaders of systems who will have the capacity and confidence in their skills to align priorities and implement results driven initiatives to influence organizational change and achieve short term and long term goals for those they serve.

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Institutes, Workshops, and Keynotes

The FIRST Education Center for Civil Rights in Education provides a variety of customized in-person and virtual events within the topics of culturally and linguistically responsive practices, culture and climate of schools and organizations, historical analysis of systems, school improvement plans and strategic planning for any school district and organizations across the globe.

On-Site and Virtual Coaching

Coaching for leaders, practitioners and other staff depending on your organization is critical to transformational change. When leaders and practitioners work with a coach, they are able to refine their practices and try-out new learning. The impact coaching has on transformational change is tremendous. Our team includes highly skilled coaches who have demonstrated success at supporting leaders, practitioners and other staff in setting short-term goals while providing coaching and technical support along the way. We believe in coaching that is responsive to the needs of our client(s).

Data Analysis and Goal Setting

Understanding your current reality and setting goals to move your school, district or organization forward is an important first step when planning for transformational change. Our team will use a needs assessment process to guide your school, district or organization through a deep dive into your data, practices and use a consensus building process to define the vital goals for systems improvement.

Our Team

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Percy Brown,
Center Director


Rainey Briggs


Doug Brown

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Maria Dyslin

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Ebony Grice

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Andy Hartman

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 6.38.15 PM.png

Kathy Myles

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Nichelle Nichols

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Dominique Ricks


Dr. Silvia Romero-Johnson


Mandi Sersch-Morstad

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Jamie Sims

Danyelle Wright

Danyelle Wright

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We look forward to hearing from you!
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