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Addressing Inequity with the Power of Collective Efficacy

Five intentional leadership practices that can help teams work together - better - to confront inequities.

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It's Not Collective Efficacy If It's Easy

To build collective efficacy, teams must agree to (constructively) disagree.

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The Power of Collective Efficacy

When teams of educators believe they have the ability to make a difference, exciting things can happen in a school.

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Beyond Collaboration: The Power of Joint Work

When professional learning is interdependent, a teacher's individual success hinges on the efforts of the entire team. Here's why that's a good thing.

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Understanding Impact to Foster Collective Efficacy

Success in schools lies in the strength of believing that through their combined efforts, principals and their faculty can accomplish great for the learning lives of students.

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What Drives Collective Efficacy?

Effective teams that believe they can make a difference create the conditions to get better in four key ways.

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When Teachers Believe, Students Achieve

Collaborative inquiry builds teacher efficacy for better student outcomes.

Research Briefs

Math Teacher

Research Brief #1

Principal Efficacy Beliefs for Instructional Leadership and their Relation to Teachers’ Sense of Collective Efficacy and Student Achievement

Goddard, R., Bailes, L., Kim, M. (2020). Principal efficacy beliefs for instructional leadership and their relation to teachers’ sense of collective efficacy and student achievement, Leadership and Policy in Schools, DOI: 10.1080/15700763.2019.1696369

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