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STAGR Workshop Descriptions

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STAGR Workshop for Selecting Priority Standards

During this workshop participants will partake in the process of selecting priority standards using the REAL process.  Templates that will be provided. By the conclusion of each content-like team (composed of staff members from multiple districts), the selection of priority standards should be close to complete for each team.

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STAGR Workshop for Determining Learning Targets and Observables

During this phase with the cohort, our team of consultants will spend 90 minutes (virtually) with each content team walking them through the process of taking their priority standards and begin writing Learning Targets and Observables within each of their priority standards. This includes understanding what students would be doing...teachers would be doing... and our activities that align with bringing each of those learning targets to life in each classroom. This step in Phase 2 is critical in helping the teams understand what will eventually be their success criteria for each learning target.

STAGR Workshop for Assessment Alignment and Design

After hearing the full cohort presentation, content teams from the cohort will spend time with our team of consultants using the Target-Aligned Assessment Template to begin creating their new assessments to align to proficiency based scoring. This 90 minute session will have individuals in the cohort walking away with assessments they can try with their students to report back the results at a future cohort meeting.

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STAGR Workshop for Implementation of Equitable Grading and Reporting Practices

During these 90 minute sessions with content teams, our consultants will work through questions and roadblocks they are experiencing when implementing the equitable grading practices within their classrooms. The goal is to increase confidence in their implementation and for our consultants to provide guidance and support around next steps.

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Library Study Group

STAGR In a Day: Introduction to the STAGR Implementation Process

Description coming soon.


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At this point we can all probably agree on the philosophies behind reassessment, but may be scratching our heads wondering HOW to make it happen. We know that things may look great, in theory, but sometimes struggle to find the practical application and work through the logistics of what it will look like in OUR school or OUR classroom. This session will focus on the HOW of reassessment in the classroom and will be filled with examples and guiding questions you can take back to your team. We will also address how to answer those age old questions around reassessment that we may encounter from parents and community members. 


Join Becky Peppler, former High School Teacher, Instructional Coach and Director of the FIRST Education STAGR Center as she helps guide you through the creation of a reassessment policy; that works for YOU and your students, places the responsibility in your students’ hands, and develop a policy that could change your life!



As we return to our classrooms after a period of virtual and/or hybrid learning determining what our students know, think they know, understand, and misunderstand is essential for us to be able to create effective learning experiences. While we know, in theory, that pre-assessment is essential, the question of "How do we actually make this happen and use the data to drive instruction" remains the biggest roadblock for using pre-assessments. During this session participants will learn about the importance of pre-assessment, see strategies that have been vetted and utilized in the classroom and walk-away with ideas that can be used immediately in your classroom to help plan and drive instruction.

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Formative Assessment
Student Choice in Assessment
Student Self-Reflection and Assessment

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